5.1K and Stereoscopic video support

We have updated and improved our transcoding process, resulting in higher resolution and support for stereoscopic videos.

Each time a 360˚ video is uploaded to our server, we transcode that video for optimal playback on different devices. In that process we transcode your video with three different quality settings aimed at different classes of devices:

  • Low: To use in Warp Studio and low-end mobile phones
  • Medium: To use in current modern mobile phones and tablets
  • High: To use in VR headsets such as Oculus Go, Quest or Pico G2 4K

5.1K support for monoscopic videos

Whenever a 360˚ video is uploaded in Warp Studio with a width of 5120 pixels or wider, that video is transcoded into a 5.1K resolution in the high quality setting. Whenever the width of an uploaded video is smaller than 5120 pixels, we transcode that video to a 4K resolution in the high quality setting.

These resolutions in the high quality range are specifically for monoscopic videos. Monoscopic videos is a format suitable for playing in '2D-mode' without using any VR headset or cardboard.

Stereoscopic support

With the update of our transcoding process, we have also added stereoscopic support. These videos show a slightly different 360˚ video for each eye to create depth and therefore more of a 3D like experience. Stereoscopic is only supported with VR headsets such as the Oculus Go, Quest and Pico G2 4K.

The highest quality stereoscopic video we transcode to is 4K. We support top-bottom stereoscopic 360˚ videos.

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