Coming up: support for the Pico Neo 3 Pro

We support VR headsets that are are easy and cost effective to use and scale across the enterprise, like the Pico G2 4K and Meta Quest 2. From October, we will also support the Pico Neo 3 Pro.

The Pico Neo 3 Pro is a 6 degrees-of-freedom headset with a similar resolution and refresh rate as the Meta Quest 2. The field of view is slightly bigger, making the experience a bit more immersive. Its internal storage of 256 GB is large enough to host a large number of downloaded scenarios.

Pico doesn’t require you to have an account to be able to use the headset. Just as with the Pico G2 4K (the 3 degrees-of-freedom little brother of the Neo 3 Pro), it is possible to activate a kiosk mode to directly launch the Warp VR when putting on the headset.

With a €599 price tag, the Neo 3 is twice as expensive as a G2 4K and a little bit cheaper than the 256 GB Quest 2. Compared to the Pico G2 4K, you get a 6 degrees-of-freedom headset, and compared to the Quest 2 you get a headset that doesn’t require signing in, has kiosk mode and a wider field of view. If you are interested in buying this headset, you can contact our friends at VR Expert.

Drop us a line in case you would like to be part of our Neo 3 Pro beta testing program.

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