Introducing courses

Each year we see a growth in the amount of VR training scenarios that are created in Warp Studio. That success also has a downside. More scenarios mean more choice for trainees, but can also result in an unstructured learning experience.

One single experience

With courses, we are bringing back order into learning with VR. Structure scenarios using categories, such as customer service or onboarding. Or combine scenarios into courses for specific departments, such as sales or handling customer complaints.

Courses are also great to guide trainees through a story. In our story-based approach trainees play the main character in a certain storyline. This storyline can be presented throughout multiple scenarios, with for example a certain character that is playing the same role in different scenarios. This way you can guide trainees into longer learning experiences with natural moments to take a break. Every scenario is a bit more difficult to play, the choices are harder to make. But because you are being guided from the first to the last scenario in a course, it feels like a seamless experience.

Courses in the Warp VR app on tablet

As an example, let's take a course made by OWNIT that has 3 scenarios and 3 lectures. A trainee is being guided through a single storyline from first to last experience. In a course called ‘Dealing with resistance’, a trainee is confronted with a mistake from a colleague in the first scenario. In the second scenario, another colleague wants to know what happened. And in the third scenario, you are the one who needs to bring the bad news to your client. Multiple scenarios, one course.

More to come

Of course, we don't stop here. Changing the order of scenarios in a course is already possible, but we will add more functionality. Think about locking scenarios and unlocking them when finishing other scenarios. We will display course progress based upon certain scenario criteria.

But for now, fire up Warp Studio. Create your first course and add published scenarios. Reorder them and give your trainees access to this course.

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