Did someone say ‘voice recognition’?

To close the gap between theory and practice and maximize the learning impact of your training programs, it’s important to get as close to reality as possible. Training in virtual reality has already been proven to more effective in these areas than more traditional methods like classroom training, role play and e-learning. Now with voice control, we take the next step in immersion.

Imagine playing a sales training in VR. In a meeting with potential clients you need to convince them to take a certain deal. How do you approach that conversation, and what do you say? Previously ‘saying’ anything in VR had to be done by selecting an answer with a controller or using gaze input, which might feel unnatural and distracting.

With our latest release of the Warp VR app for Meta Quest 2 and Pico G2 4K, we introduce voice control. Instead of using a controller or gaze, you can now simply speak to select answers. This makes the training experience feel more natural - like a normal conversation - and easier to follow for students.

How to learn more

Voice control is still in beta, and we currently only support English, Dutch, Spanish and German as input languages. But we are more than happy to open it up to you. Please get in touch to activate this exciting new feature and let us know what you think.          

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