Hand tracking & passthrough mode for the Quest 2

In our coming release of our app for the Meta Quest 2, we tap into 2 exciting features this headset supports: hand tracking and passthough mode. These features will improve the trainee experience when playing VR training scenarios.

Hand tracking

With hand tracking, trainees can interact with the Warp VR app and training scenarios without needing a controller. Trainees only need to hold their hands in front of the device to activate hand tracking, and can then simply point and click to interact.

Learn more about hand tracking.

Passthrough mode

Next, we have activated passthrough mode in the main menu of the Warp VR app. With passthrough, trainees can see their environment without lifting their headset. They can use this feature to stay in contact with their training manager or peers when using the Quest in a classroom setting.

Learn more about passthrough mode.

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