How to integrate VR training with your LMS

Make VR part of your full learning journey. How we connect with your LMS.

Businesses nowadays use an average of 129 different software systems. Most of these system are integrated with one another to exchange information. Only then the most optimal decision can be made with regard to the business.

For learning it isn't any different. In order to paint the best picture about your learning culture, data from multiple system is required to make the best decisions. Learning Management Systems, or LMS in short, are designed to be those systems that gather all data from different learning material. Since these systems are around for quite a while, a new type of platform is emerging. This new platform is called Learning Experience Platform, or LXP in short is more designed around the trainee. In the LXP everything evolves around the development of an employee, more than the organization pushing training material down into the organization.

Either way you are using an LMS or LXP, we believe that as a training platform it should be possible to play VR training scenarios directly from your LMS. Therefore we integrate with almost every LMS out there through existing SCORM, LTI and xAPI protocols.

One launcher to rule them all

We connect to an LMS through a launcher. A simple webpage that acts as the glue between the world of a desktop with the world of Virtual Reality.

The launcher is a simple webpage displaying a 6-digit code

To get started, simply download a SCORM package from Warp Studio, upload to your LMS for your employee to be able to start playing. After employees select the VR training, the launcher opens, giving the employee a 6-digit code. This code gives access to the VR training scenario that can be started in a VR headset or on our iOS or Android app.

A 2-way street

It is not the sole purpose of the launcher to let an employee start a training in VR. It also fulfills the role of passing through scores from the VR training session into the LMS. After an employee competed a training scenario in one of our apps, the launcher receives and displays the final score to be sent to the LMS so it can register that score with the right employee.

Desktop, tablet and mobile friendly

It doesn't matter whether an employee is selecting the VR training in the LMS from his desktop, tablet or mobile. On all these devices the launcher is opened, the code is displayed and can be used to start the VR training either on tablet, mobile or VR headset.

Since we support all major LMS integration protocol, we probably support integrating with your LMS. We support integrating with the top enterprise LMS systems such as SAP Successfactors, Workday, Cornerstone, Saba and others.

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