Improved video quality for smartphone & tablet

At Warp VR, we work hard to provide the best immersive training experience to trainees. That's why we significantly improved the video quality of VR trainings for users with smartphones and tablets.

VR headsets like Meta Quest and Pico provide the most immersive way to experience VR training scenarios. It’s like stepping into another world. Video quality plays a huge role in these immersive experiences.

For VR headsets we already use the maximum attainable video quality, which is up to 5K for monoscopic and 4K for stereoscopic videos. Although playing scenarios on a smartphone or tablet is less immersive than playing on a VR headset, these devices can be used for scalability or usability reasons. Playing training scenarios on non-VR devices like smartphones or tablets can be a quick and low effort. But in order to get the best immersive experience, video quality is very important.

Setting video quality on a smartphone

With out latest product update, we deliver 4K video quality for modern smartphones and tablets. The preferred video quality is set as default on each device. Once trainees download their first high-quality scenario, future downloads will be performed with the same quality. To avoid using too much internal storage, trainees can delete scenarios or change the setting to normal quality before downloading new scenarios.

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