Introducing a new role for Warp Studio users

A multidisciplinary team is needed to create, distribute, implement and analyze immersive training scenarios. We’ve added a new Publisher role to Warp Studio, that expands the Writer role with permissions to publish training scenarios and manage integrations with existing LMS systems.

Warp Studio roles

With our latest update, you can now use the following roles in Warp Studio:

  • Owner - one user that ‘owns’ the organization in Warp Studio with full permissions, including finance and billing settings.
  • Manager - same as Owner, without access to finance and billing.
  • Instructor - someone who can manage scenario distribution by adding, editing or deleting trainees and groups and viewing training data, without permissions to see or edit scenarios.
  • Writer - someone who can create, edit, test and delete training scenarios, without permissions to publish scenarios or view trainees and training data.
  • Publisher - someone who can create, edit, test and delete training scenarios, with permissions to publish scenarios and manage LMS integrations.
User roles in Warp Studio

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