Introducing our new and improved video editor

The video editor in Warp Studio helps to create interactive story-based scenarios. With our latest update, we’ve made it easier to position interactive elements in 360° videos using a simple drag-and-drop editor.

In a typical scenario creation workflow, filming is done after scenario writing. To simplify the process of filming and subsequently uploading scenarios to Warp Studio, you can download an export of these scenarios to use as a guideline. After linking uploaded video files to the right scenes, you can position interactive elements in these videos. Our new video editor makes this process a lot easier.

Positioning a multiple choice scene

The new video editor uses a large area to show and play your 360˚ videos. Click and drag in the video to look around, and click and drag interactive elements to reposition them.

The video editor also displays a sidebar showcasing all elements in a list. The text and labels can be changed and settings can be adjusted for each element. Underneath the video, timers can be used to show elements or loop the video.

Positioning a hotspot scene          

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