Introducing Testing Controls, an easier way to test scenarios before publishing

Creating high-impact training scenarios starts with a brainstorm. After picking the learning goals, you start writing and filming. To make sure your scenarios are ready to be played by thousands of employees after uploading these to Warp Studio, we recommend to test them first to check if every scene looks good, every hotspot is positioned correctly, and all multiple choice questions show at the right time.

Although testing scenarios has been possible in Warp Studio for a while, we have improved this feature significantly.

Testing scenarios properly takes time, as you’ll need to go through them multiple times to check all branches. Our recent update makes testing easier and quicker.

Testing Controls on a smartphone

The new Testing Controls panel can easily be accessed by clicking a button in our apps for mobile or by looking down in VR. Via this panel, you can quickly jump back to the start scene or to the previous scene. Alternatively you can set an 'always on' state for interactive elements to go through scenarios a lot quicker.

The Testing Controls panel shows the current scene number to easily gather feedback for a specific scene and communicate this with your team. Score information is shown so you can see how many points a choice represents.

We expect these controls to improve the way you test scenarios, and will add new features soon like jumping to specific scenes, flagging scenes and seeing these flags in Warp Studio. We will also show more extensive scene and scoring information.            

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