New tools to better manage your trainees

Although we have a great product to create VR training scenarios, it is evenly important to distribute these scenarios to the right people. Luckily we have those tools and we just made them better.

With the introduction of SCORM as a way of integrating with a Learning Management System (LMS), we introduced a second way of managing scenario access for trainees. From that moment, Warp Studio managers could either decide to manage trainees and scenario access in Warp Studio or to do this in their favorite LMS. Let's briefly describe both methods and the updates we did.

Managing scenario access through Warp Studio

If you don't use an LMS (or decide not to integrate with an LMS), you can simply manage trainees and scenario access through Warp Studio. When scenario access is given, trainees receive an email with instructions to sign in one of our mobile apps and start playing scenarios in VR. We now have build two new features.

First of all you can now import large groups of trainees by creating a spreadsheet file and uploading to Warp Studio. All users in this file will become trainees in Warp Studio and upon access of any new scenario will automatically receive an email with the right instructions.

Secondly we introduce 'Groups'. A feature to easily organize trainees into ... well, groups. With groups you can organize trainees on the basis of job title, organizational level or training type. Whatever works best for you. The big change however is how you provide scenario access to your trainees. With groups this is done on group level instead of trainee level. Meaning that per group you give or revoke access to one or more training scenarios. Adding someone to this group? Great, he or she instantly retrieves scenario access of all scenarios connected to that group.

Managing scenario access through an LMS

We have also good news for those of you who use an LMS to manage scenario access. Although Importing and Groups will not be features you will use, we did work hard to to implement a new integration protocol, next to SCORM 1.2. From today, we also support LTI 1.1.

For both protocols we make use of a launcher, which we have updated and improved. In the new launcher it is even easier for trainees to follow the right steps and start playing your scenarios in VR. The launcher can be accessed on any device and acts as the connection between your LMS and playing in one of the Warp VR apps. Results of playing will be sent back to your LMS.

Warp VR Launcher
Warp VR Launcher

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