How to share VR devices during workshops or in classroom?

With Covid-19 coming to an end, employees are slowly coming back to the office. The same can be said for offline classroom training and workshops. In case Virtual Reality is used during these offline trainings, VR headsets are mostly used as shared devices. But with shared devices it is more difficult for participants to play as themselves. Signing in and out requires valuable workshop time. Luckily, we have just the solution.

Tracking individual performance

When using shared VR devices in an offline workshop, you want every participant to have the most optimal personal user experience. Having to sign out the current participant to sign in the next one, is not optimal. It requires time and raises technical barriers. Both participant and trainer simply don't want to do this.

But having people play VR scenarios as themselves is highly important for tracking user performance. How do you know whether certain participants need more help? How do you know whether certain individuals get better over time?

Introducing the Warp VR classroom view

With the Warp VR classroom view signing in and out is a thing of the past. Register your shared devices as such in Warp Studio and set the sign-in method to a specific group. When participants put on the VR headset, they are shown a classroom view where they simply need to select their name to sign in.

Shared devices in Warp Studio
Register your shared VR headset in Warp Studio. Than set ‘Sign-in method’ to Group.

Signing out is just as easy. Click 'Switch user' to sign out and give the VR headset to somebody else. Classroom view is supported for all our apps, including smartphone, tablet and VR headset.

Classroom view in the Warp VR app
This is what participants see when putting on the VR headset. Simply select your name and start playing.

Never forget hygiene

Never forget about hygiene, when using shared VR headsets. When headsets are passed from one participant to another, headsets need to cleaned. Use either a spray and a cloth or invest in a  device for full decontamination of your headsets.   

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