The easiest way to sign in

We present a faster, more secure and more reliable way of signing in the Warp VR app on iOS, Android or Oculus.

Our mobile apps require sign in in order to present a personal experience to trainees. After sign in trainees can play the VR scenarios they have access to. They can see which scenarios have already been played. And we save high-scores, across all our apps, for trainees to improve themselves.

Signing in is therefore important, but should be easy, fast and secure. As well as in our smartphone and tablet apps, but also for our apps for VR headsets. Therefore we improved the sign in procedure across al these devices. Signing in has never been that easy.

Signing in through email

We keep the use of email for signing in our mobile apps, but we toss the password. From now on trainees can simply sign in by typing their email address in the smartphone or tablet app, open the email they receive and click on the link presented. The Warp VR app opens and signs in directly. It is as simple as that.

Signin in our mobile apps have never been easier

But what if trainees open that email on their desktop computer? Can they still sign in the Warp VR smartphone app? Of course they can. Let me explain.

Let's say a trainee wants to sign in our smartphone app, but cannot access their corporate email on their personal smartphone. Or a trainee would like to sign in our Oculus Quest app, but really doesn't want to type in a very long email address and password with an on-screen keyboard and a simple controller.

We have found a brilliant solution to these problems. And it uses a code.

Signing in through a personal 6-digit code

There are several ways to get access to a personal 6-digit code to sign into any of our apps. First of all, trainees can go to They follow the instructions and receive their code. Secondly, by opening the sign in email on a desktop (or any other device that doesn't have the Warp VR app installed), trainees will be guided to a webpage displaying their code. And finally, we present the code in any of our apps (including Warp Studio) once signed in. That means it is very easy to sign in one device, when you are already signed in another.

The 6-digit code can be found in all our apps

Use shared VR headsets

Our innovation truly means the end of typing long email addresses and difficult to remember passwords in VR headsets. By only using a 6-digit code we have speed-up this process tremendously. This means it is much easier to use and setup shared VR headsets across all your employees.

Even signing in shared VR headsets in classrooms is not a problem anymore, resulting in precise and individual data about every single employee.

Sign in the Warp VR app in a VR headset with your personal 6-digit code

We are super excited to present you this innovation, that will bring us a step closer to our mission for more professionals to be trained through immersive learning experiences.


What about LMS integration?

In case you use our LMS integration, your trainees already sign in with a 6-digit code. Therefore nothing will change for them.

Should everybody update the Warp VR app?

Although we keep on supporting signing in with email address and password, we do advice that all trainees update the Warp VR app for iOS, Android or Oculus. It will not be possible to sign in through the 6-digit code with an older version of our app.

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