The worlds most complete VR training solution

Ever wanted to create your own Virtual Reality (VR) training for your employees? Or use VR for education so students can learn about different places? Maybe even let your students create these VR courses themselves?

Now you can.

Warp Studio is a full suite consisting of a web application and a mobile app. First, the web application is the tool for creating and managing your VR training courses. Second, the mobile apps are for playing these courses. And third, trainee data can be analazyed in the web application.

1. Create

The web application is the place to create VR training scenarios. With our flow tool you can easily create and connect scenes which eventually will form a complete training. After uploading 360˚ video to these scenes you are ready to publish.

Flow tool to easily create scenes which eventually form a full scenario

By publishing you decide which trainees can access your VR training. Trainees will be notified and can start playing in one of the mobile apps.

2. Play

Every trainee has their own sign in credentials. After signing in the VR training courses are ready and can be played. When playing a course for the first time, the video for the course will need to be downloaded.

After selecting ‘Start training’ the trainee should place their smartphone in a universal VR goggle, put on headphones and training can start.

Main screen and screen to start training

Download our iOS app here and our Android app here. We also developed an app specifically for the Samsung GearVR. Contact us if you need this app.

3. Analyze

The last piece of the puzzle is viewing trainee data, which brings us back to the web application. All choices trainees have made, can be found here. Take a look at a specific trainee and reflect with this trainee on his or her attempts. But you could also view data over specific groups. How did a certain group perform over another? The data will tell you.

An attempt of a trainee of a specific VR training
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