Why we created a product updates page

All updates are easily accessible via updates.warpvr.com and directly in Warp Studio, via the notifications icon located in the top-right corner of the screen.

What does it include?

The product updates page consists of three main sections:

  • Updates
  • Feature requests
  • Roadmap


The updates section includes all the latest product updates and Warp VR news, such as: new features, product improvements, webinars, events, and customer stories and use cases.

Feature requests

The feature requests section allows customers to request a new feature or product improvement. Customers can also upvote other customers’ ideas for new features or improvements which helps us to decide what to focus on next.


The roadmap section shows which features we are working on at the moment, what’s next and what has already been implemented.

Why an updates page?

Increased transparency

One of the main reasons we created a product updates page is to make the way we communicate with customers more transparent. We understand that our customers rely on our product and services to run important aspects of their businesses and that any changes or updates on our end can have a significant impact on their operations. With the new page, our customers now have an easy way to stay updated informed about any changes or improvements to our products, as well as use cases and other relevant news.

Improved customer experience

Another benefit of the product updates page is that it helps to improve the overall customer experience. By providing customers with up-to-date information about our product and services, they can better understand the product and take advantage of new features and improvements. At the same time, customers can be inspired and learn many VR training insights that can be helpful for their use case, by following our news for upcoming events, webinars and similar.

Increased engagement

Finally, a page with our product updates can increase customer engagement. By having a dedicated space for updates and feature requests, customers can leave their feedback about the changes we’ve made or upvote upcoming features and requests. This creates a dialogue between our company and our customers, which can help us to better understand their needs and preferences.

Let us know what you think of the new updates page!

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